Email is a program for the Unix environment that sends messages. You may think that this has already been done, and it has, but not with the quality and enhancements that email has! Have you ever wanted to send email from the command line using your SMTP server instead of sendmail? Have you ever wanted to send email without entering a confusing menu application and you only wanted to push a few command line options to route your email to the SMTP server of your choice? Did you want to encrypt that email with gpg before it was sent but wanted the email client to do it for you? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then email is for you. You can now send email via the command line to remote SMTP servers. You can have it encrypted to the recipient of your choice. This and many other possibilities are easily implemented with email.

Email boasts a lot of other qualities as well.
  • Email supports SMTP Authentication.
  • Email makes it possible to send to multiple recipients and also CC and BCC multiple recipients.
  • You can use an address book that is in an easy to format method.
  • You are also able to send attachments using a swift flick on the command line to specifying multiple files.
  • Personalized signature file with dynamic options.

Email makes it simple to implement in cron jobs. You can pipe data into email and it will accept it as your message which will bypass opening your editor, and mail it properly. Also, you can tell email to stay quiet and never display any output (except for errors) when operating. This way you won't get those annoying emails from cron jobs when your cron job did actually work correctly.

There are plenty of things email can do, but it's not going to do them until you download it!
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